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Subject: Fw: live with motm

From: "Paul Wagorn \(Worldbid\)" <pwagorn@...>
Date: 2000-06-23

hi all:

I'm going to be doing a live PA (even though i promised myself "never
again!") at
a bar this weekend & I've decided to bring along my motm system. I'm
with some people that i've never played with before, so we're just going to
wing it
& jam it out.

Problem is, we got together last night to practice together once before we
and though we sounded good, i had a horrible time with a million patch cords
all around me, trying to strangle me and take over. I got so confused with
my cables..
"hmm.. is this the aux out1 or aux out2, or is it the trigger from the Bass
drum on my
606?" ... I almost abandoned the thing after a while because i lost track of
what was
what ! I don't really have this problem in the studio because i know where
is, and I use labelled patch bays

anyways, any suggestions on how to make life easier doing this live with an