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Subject: OT - selling on eBay (to finance MOTM purchases

From: ivancu@...
Date: 2000-06-16

In a message dated 6/15/00 11:01:28 PM, davevosh@... writes:

<< i never considered selling anything on ebay before.... is it difficult ? >>

I've bought a ridiculous amount of stuff on eBay, then started selling some
misc items that I had laying around. Not really hard, although takes a bit
of time to fill out the form. And then you have to consider your time
packing and shipping the item. I never understood people selling $2 items on
eBay, but that's their problem. I'm just too busy to deal with all that, but
at times I have sold a few things that are useless to me and have gotten a
good price for them. And its helps to have lots of positive feedback so
people feel ok about sending you a Money Order.