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Subject: Re: [motm] update?

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
Date: 2000-06-14

<<The troops are getting restless, General!>>

While it is true new module development slowed from Feb - May, the reality
is that record shipments
occured! So, most time was in order fullfillment (and some of you are
wondering even about that!).

But also, there is development "behind the scenes", so just because I don't
∗talk∗ about stuff, don't
assume ∗nothing∗ is going on :)

I did not anticipate the huge jump in orders in April (I'm ∗not
complaining∗). I am still on track to
flush the backlog by the end of next week. Today alone, 17 packages are
getting mailed out! 8 went
out yesterday.

Another issue that is happening is there is a ∗huge∗ industry demand for
parts. Now, 99% of these are surface-mount.

BUT...the end effect is that 'small fish' like me find it harder and harder
to get fast deliveries, AND the prices
are going ∗up∗. Example: the Power One supply in the MOTM-900 has gone from
$38 to $46 over the last
4 months, and the place I bought them before ∗dropped my account∗ because I
don't order $50,000/yr!

The plan is to flush the current backlog by the end of the month. As stated
earlier, July will be mostly
non-MOTM time for R&D, NOT shipping. I can ship anytime, but I will not be
able to spend much R&D time.

SO...that is why the vocoder is in R&D ∗now∗. It's not "taking away" from
anything now, because I have no time
to give now.

I understand "MOTM Fever" is a powerful force: the soldering iron becons,
the caress of the pliers, etc etc.
But I'm sure most of you have a job + family. Now imagine running SynthTech
on ∗your∗ "spare time"!

Enough grousing (it's early!).

The next module will probably be the MOTM-200 Voltage-Controlled Pulse
Divider. Why? Because it's 100%
designed and tested! It does require new mechanical design (and has 13
jacks!). I plan to devote the 4th
of July holiday to finishing the '820 and the '200. THEN I'll work on the
'101 (small R&D effort).

Lastly, like NASA shuttle count-downs, I have a "built-in hold" to
∗anticipate∗ MOTM orders due the the ad
in Electronic Musician. This may skyrocket or fizzle. Won't know until 10
days from now.

By mid-August, I should be back on track, MOTM R&D-wise.

Paul S.