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Subject: MOTM Mania

From: Nathan Hunsicker <nate@...>
Date: 2000-06-07

<psycologist> So... when did this all start?
<Nate> About seven moths ago...

Somebody help me! I've gone MOTM insane. On a lunchtime walk today,I passed
a plasma donation facility and saw a sign that said "DONATE PLASMA, EARN
$240 A MONTH!!!!" It suddenly struck me, thats a new oscillator every
month. Not that I want to donate plasma (I hear it's kinda painfull) But it
made me realize, I do it with everything. My new system of economics is
measured in envelope generators. I walked past a pawn shop and saw a nice
Fender lap steel for $180 and thought "yeah, it's nice, but it's an
MOTM-700 and an EG. MOTM must be a great product if I'm constantly thinking
of what I want to buy next. -Nate