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Subject: Re: [motm] I'm taking a poll...

From: "Al Wagner" <aardvark-mi@...>
Date: 2000-06-07

I found MOTM by 100% chance... One day I was searching the web for Sequential stuff, by following one link after another link and another link this link to MOTM came up. Hmm what's this? A modular? And I get to build it too? I scoured the site, listened to all the demo's and the rest is history... I have a 300, 420, 2-800's and a 110 on the way (Paul?) with much more planned.
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From: Charles McQuillan Jr.
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 10:50 PM
Subject: [motm] I'm taking a poll...

I got to thinking about Old Crow's observation a while back about
Synthesizers.Com not being an obvious domain name since nobody here had
bothered to look until recently. And since this is a Census year, I
would be interested in hearing how some of the list members first came
across Synthtech.Com. That means you too, Kenny @ Kollege...welcome, I'm
a newbie too! Anyway, I'll go first;

Around the begining of the year, I finally got my 25 year old Aries
modular (kit-built) working again, and started searching the net for
user groups, spare parts, ect. Slim pickings, didn't
know any more than I, and a fellow with an address who was NOT
selling, but buying old Aries (working or not). I don't recall seeing
Synthtech on either Hotbot or Yahoo when I searched on "analog
synthesizers" (or Synthesizers.Com, for that matter, but that was quite
a while back).

Well, the aol guy said I should check out a couple of places, the first
was synth-tech (he wasn't sure of the spelling) and I can't remember the
other one. Once I got a look at the PDF catalog, I emailed Paul. Within
the hour, I got a reply and a photo of HIS old Aries! I'm thinking,
either this guy's a kindred spirit, or a good salesman. Well, he's both!
So far, I have 2 '800s, a '320 and '410 (love it!) and they talk nicely
to the Aries, but it's becoming apparent which is the better system (you
get one guess...). The only reason I don't have more MOTM is because you
other guys keep ordering stuff...knock it off, give the man a break <G>

And the rest is history. Impressed?

<snoring noises>

I love to keep my audience riveted! (from Blazing Saddles)

Chuck (Bart) McQ