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Subject: Re: [motm] RE: funny stuff

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-06-06

>> one patch, and
>> have been getting some funny results. At some point, while twiddling
>> dials, I'll lose audio, or there might be a slight background sound if
>> really crank the amp. I power down the synth, power it up, and
>> I'm more or
>> less back to where I was.

Hmmm... Like Bivins said, it is easy to lose the signal in an extremely
complex patch. I've found sometimes with complex patches the "period" of the
signal being totally attenuated may greatly exceed my patience, and I then
may encounter difficulty in figuring out how exactly to reduce that maximum
attenuation without losing the basic concept of the patch.

Paul S. has assured me that I can hot
>> plug to my
>> hearts delight, and not worry about harming anything, the stuff is
>> bulletproof.

This is a must for any modular!

I thought maybe I had screwed the pooch when the
>> reverb unit I
>> was sending the signal to went dead (was ready to check the
>> warranty) - until
>> I discovered I had kicked out the power supply.

The PSU for the MOTM? or for this reverb unit?

But I really don't think
>> it's an electromechanical problem. Probably some pure electronic
>> thing (I'm
>> on the dark side of the moon on EE stuff) like phase cancellation.

Why do you think that? I've had PSU problems show up in mid patch which kind
of just fart out (not at all far out). But usually these problems end up
being a power cable (non-MOTM, BTW) where a side has shorted to ground,
opened up, or some similar thing. Do you have a MOTM 900 (or some kind of
Power One PSU)? If you are running other modules (non-MOTM or diy stuff) I'd
look at these first if I thought it was the power supply was the problem.
Without more specifics, it's hard to get a good idea what could be the
problem, but IMO that's what this list is best used for (when not providing
set ups for my jokes, of course)! Let us know how it goes.

Speaking of which, SF MOTM group, tell us about your little gathering with
Paul, and for that matter, let us know how this users group is going -- it
sounds like a fun idea. Anyone interested in a So Cal MOTM group?

BTW, I found out something very interesting today, there is a lot of blood in
your forehead just waiting to come out at the drop of a hat (well a sharp
steel hat to be sure). I suggest you take my word for it and leave the blood
in there, where it belongs!