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Subject: Re: [motm] Everyone *PLEASE* READ

From: "jhaible" <jhaible@...>
Date: 2000-06-05

> I DO NOT want to have the "outside world" think were are a buch of
> blasting
> everything but MOTM. You may ∗feel∗ that way, but you ∗ARE NOT∗ HELPING

Paul is right.

Sometimes I even feel guilty for my regular Doepfer bashing, and I
have to remind myself that I disliked his modular way before I even
heard of MOTM. But now, being involved in MOTM somehow,
even these comments take on a different taste - I clearly noticed
this on analogue heaven last time I opened my mouth on that topic.

That's all I wanted to say - and I hope this will help this thread
dying rather than prolonging it.