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Subject: Re: [motm] Cabinet styles

From: "Paul Wagorn \(Worldbid\)" <pwagorn@...>
Date: 2000-06-05

hi nate - i made my cabinet with exactly 3/4 of an inch recess.
no problem at ALL with knobs, especially if you use the rails, because there
is quite a bit of space along the sides..
on the top, there is still plenty of room to get your fingers in there..


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From: "Nathan Alan Hunsicker" <nate@...>
To: "MOTM Newsgroup" <>
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2000 10:25 AM
Subject: [motm] Cabinet styles

> Has anyone mounted their modules in a rack or cabinet with the modules
> set back 3/4 of an inch? after reading someone's story of how their
> modular fell and broke off some knows and pots I figured I would build
> my cabinet with the modules recessed 3/4 of an inch so that if the
> cabinet should ever fall over face first, the knobs would be protected
> (providing it falls on a flat surface) Not that I make a habit of
> dropping my modular, more of a precaution, than a daily use function.
> The question I ask, is if anyone has done this, do they have problems
> adjusting knobs that are flush up against the top or sides? That is the
> only concern I have. If anyone has tried this, i would appreciate
> feedback before dedicating a lot of time to this project. Thanks in
> advance! -Nate
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