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Subject: Re: [motm]

From: The Old Crow <oldcrow@...>
Date: 2000-06-03

On Sat, 3 Jun 2000, Paul Schreiber wrote:

> We got together and had a long discussion. He is a 'domain name
> camper': he has bought about 50 names hoping to sell them (and I do
> have a problem with thoses people, too). But personally, he came
> across as nice and pleasant. He wanted to collaborate on designing a
> modular, since he owned and was ∗absolutely
> convinced∗ that having this particular domain name would cause
> everyone to visit (sort of like or or
> I do agree, to a ∗certain point∗. I think it's 85% "cute" and 15%
> useful.

One would have to wonder how people who browse the web a lot for
technical stuff (such as myself) on a daily basis ended up having to have
this site pointed out in a post from our mailing list. That would seem to
go against his domain name/everyone visit theory.

> his strategy: build with a Moog modular panel copy and use low-level
> Electronotes/PAiA electrical designs.

Hahahahaha I knew it!

> But the main "problem" I have with Roger is that 1 year ago, he told
> me the robotics were his main business (he has a nice office/lab with

Yep. I knew this place did something else and not just synth stuff.
The facility pictures I saw just didn't suggest 100% synth factory.

> Why worry? He uses cheesy designs, the pots are the cheapest he could
> find ∗surplus∗

I pegged that one too. Which brings out the "hidden cost" concept, as
far as I'm concerned. If I bought their VCO, I would have to spend
another $100 or so just to make it have quality pots and jacks, not to
mention direct-soldering most of those board connectors and removing the
IC sockets. I'll just buy an MOTM-300 and end up saving money, not to
mention getting a much better oscillator.

> He does have a nice keyboard with CV/Gate outs (uses Yamaha DX-7
> actions he bought surplus for $40ea) and the case really is sold
> walnut (one thing he does have I wish I did is a full-blown machine
> shop with about $50,000 worth of stuff, including a plasma arc cutter.
> Cool!). I cannot say how they operate: he uses 12-bit DACs with
> hand-selected voltage references. Note that commercial MIDI-CVs use
> 16-bit DACS.

Hmmm, I may have to check out that keyboard controller after all. The
DX7 keyboard is my favorite non-weighted mechanism. I'd probably remove
their controller circuit and make my own with key velocity since that
keyboard has the travel switches for it.

Of course, Paul could just offer a controller, too... ;)

Perhaps Paul could use a picture of all MOTM in one of those walnut
cases with that DX7 controller on the MOTM site. heh heh heh