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Subject: Re: [motm]

From: The Old Crow <oldcrow@...>
Date: 2000-06-03

OK, I had a look at the site as well, and here is what I observed:

1) The company appears to have a nice facility. Just wish they had a
phone number.

2) The choices for pots and jacks suggest "surplus", given that picture
of the "support kit".

3) The internet room is a small problem with me: all that is not for
selling synthesizers. This fellow must do something else too. Not that
this is bad, but time spent doing something else is time taken from
developing your synthesizer products.

4) Socketed chips and analog circuits? Yuck. (image of stuffed PCBs)

5) Having the PCB parts placements viewable allowed me to make a fair
guess at what the circuits are. These people must like Electronotes a
lot. Not that anything looks bad, just I don't know...uninspired, I

6) There are too many MTA connectors on these boards. I'd end up
soldering the front panel wires straight to the boards. After changing
out all the jacks for 112As and the pots for sealed types. At this point
the cost of something like their VCO plus my parts replacements to
make it actually last would be more than for a '300.

7) I ∗do∗ like the cabinets. I may have to ask about those, even if I
have to redrill or otherwise tweak the rails to make MOTM modules fit.
This is the only item on the site that has me interested. I would need
more info on the keyboard controller before spending $400 on one. I could
build another MOTM-300 and MOTM-440 for that money.

8) Too bad this place doesn't sell kits. Half the fun of electronics
for me is the building phase. (Other engineers always ask me at work why
I build my own prototypes instead of giving the task off to some techie.
I have to keep telling them I ∗like∗ to build stuff! They seem...afraid
of their own hardware at times, as if engineers aren't meant to actually
step out of the design paper-filled office).

My conclusion is that beyond being interested in the cabinets, I'm glad
I found MOTM first. Besides, we actually have an LFO in our lineup. ;)