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Subject: Re: [motm] Here come the inevitable followers!!!

From: ivancu@...
Date: 2000-06-03

In a message dated 6/3/00 3:47:47 AM, djthomaswhite@... writes:

<< Anybody pop over to "" yet? >>

And I thought I've seen every synth site out there! So the actual company
name is; do I smell an IPO? Someone spent a bit of time on
the site (although they haven't figured out how to properly link an Excel
file for download). I especially like the hilarious "about us" page; lots of
bad photo manipulation showing multiple (one) items in production. Really
sloppy prototyping (one of those difficult reverb modules!) and test bench.
And why do they have a server farm in the web server photo?

Here's the info on who owns the website:

Arrick Robotics (SYNTHESIZERS-DOM)
2107 W. Euless Blvd.
Euless, TX 76020

Domain Name:

Administrative Contact, Billing Contact:
Arrick, Roger (RA136) roger@...
Arrick Publishing
PO Box 912
Hurst, TX 76053
(817) 571-0595
Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Rainwater, R Steven (SR71)
Network Cybernetics Corporation
5353 Alpha Road, Suite 205
Dallas, TX 75240-4357
972-404-0248 (FAX) 972-404-0269

Record last updated on 22-Jan-1997.
Record expires on 24-Jan-2001.
Record created on 22-Jan-1997.
Database last updated on 2-Jun-2000 13:41:57

Domain servers in listed order:


Going to the administrative owner,, shows the same P.O. Box and
FAX number for Arrick Robotics (you can call and talk to someone at the
robotics place, but not the synthesizer company). Is this the same guy who
sells the plasma gun kits?

The "future product" listing sounds amazingly like some discussions on this
listserver. Interestingly when you go to the "About Roger Arrick" page there
isn't anything about synthesizers or even a link to the
company. However, there is a clue that helps to unravel this whole mystery.
He's a drummer.

He is also quite the busy guy., Arrick Robotics, Arrick
Publishing. He's Mr. Robotics, they have a metal shop, and he's also bought
up loads of domain names. Check out the list at:

One interesting link from this (although I haven't read it fully; it might be

A "synthesizer tutorial".

Well, that was fun and interesting!