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Subject: Roland 100M Update

From: Charles Stella <cstella@...>
Date: 2000-06-01

I went down to Dr. Sound in Manhattan today and purchased a Roland 180
keyboard for $190.00. Thanks to Thomas for bringing them to light, and
David for the excellent descriptions that made excellent studying on the
subway downtown. This thing is dead mint and still in the box with the
plastic wrapped around it. My space requirements make the 180 a better
choice for me. They still have 6 or 7 of the 180's and 181's left. No
184's. Paul is still the king! The action is actually quite nice on
these. Better than most new keyboards. Springs have a good tension to
them. If you get one of these, ask for one new in the box. There was one
on the floor as a demo that was not nearly in such nice shape. Ask for
Danny he was very helpful 212-334-5478. Refer to David's last posts for
descriptions. Regards, Charles.