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Subject: Cabinet Update

From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
Date: 2000-05-30

... A quiet weekend, I guess everyone is enjoying either the barbeque or their
modulars ;)...

I took a few modules and a pair of 19A rails over to my woodworker friend's shop.
He has been working on a Moog-style upper cabinet for my MOTM modules. The cabinet
is 5U high and 27U wide. Since the flat rails are not available, I needed to do
some test fitting with the 19A rails. If the measurements are the same, as Paul has
alleged, then I think this is going to work out very well! We used 3/4" birch, and
made a lip on the front edge that is 3/8" wide. The rail fits nicely over this lip
wtih some overhang. There should be enough wood to screw the rails into the lip.
He created the lip with a router and will have to chisel out the edges since the
router can cut a 90 degree corner at the ends.

I had given him a 2U blank panel along with a drawing of the cabinet several weeks

My friend was a bit concerned about the strength of the back of the cabinet so he is
adding a 2" wide brace from the top to the bottom on the rear and is cutting two
holes in the brace to hold the power socket and fuse along with the power switch.
I'm disassembling a MOTM-900 supply to use in the cabinet.

When he's finished gluing it all together, I get it for final sanding and staining.
I'll try to send some pics as it comes together. I hope the flat rails happen
fairly soon or I'll be using wood screws to hold the modules in the cabinet!


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