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Subject: Re: [motm] Newbie question

From: hodad1@...
Date: 2000-05-26

Calibration without a scope is not that hard(though not as accurate as with
a scope, I would assume)--assembly is more difficult because of the
abundance of parts and the light touch required on the install of a couple
of parts. If you've soldered kits in the past, you shouldn't have a


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Sent: Friday, May 26, 2000 2:12 PM
Subject: [motm] Newbie question

> The different MOTM kits are marked with difficulty easy, medium, and
> difficult. In particular the 300 is labeled difficult. From those
> folk who have assembled one, is the difficulty in the assembly or in
> the calibration or both?
> I have assembled many HeathKits in the early 70's, and PAIA kits from
> the mid 70's into the 80's, and some of the newer PAIA kits recently.
> I do not own an oscilloscope, and I have used one in the past in
> various college labs, however I will not claim to know how to use
> one now.
> If I order a 300 kit, what am I in for to get it working?
> By the way, Fred B. and Celeste H. met at my house a short ways back
> at the first Bay Area MOTM club meeting. I have no MOTM stuff now,
> but that will change soon.
> Thanks in advance
> Andy Miller
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