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Subject: Argh

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
Date: 2000-05-25

I'm sure that it appears MOTM has come to a grinding halt. I forgot how busy
I was
while in Hawaii (when scanner is functional, I have a humorous image).

Actually, I have been shipping some assembled units to folks who thought
Serge had fast service :)

This weekend (if you are in US) is a big holiday, and I'll be gone Fri PM -
Mon PM. Plus the 29th is my
44th birthday (money always appreciated). Bob Moog and I are born 5 days
apart. He was first :)

Also, I just found out I'll be in Sunnyvale, CA the ∗entire week∗ of June
5th. Argh! Hopefully the
SF Bay Area MOTM User's Group can meet. Beer and snacks on me.

Sadly, other work commitments are piling up. So, not much will ship until
around June 20th. BUT...
I will have ∗EVERY KIT IN STOCK∗ by then. The backlog will be entirely

Also, the sheet-metal shop decided to take ∗THIS ENTIRE WEEK OFF∗ without
telling me :( Flat rail
quotes are stalled (as is my order of 250 panels). I am not amused.

Believe it or not, I actually ship ∗something∗ every day. Today's lucky
person: John Duval in Portland, OR.

I also am getting flooded with CEM chip orders after SOS magazine splashed
me all over last issue.

So, I know everyone is experiencing the dreaded MOTM withdrawal fever. I
hear of persons sleeping with
rolls of solder under their pillows.

Be assured that as time permits, I do in fact worry, sweat, and drink 4
liters of Dr. Pepper a day thinking
about MOTM.

Paul S.
heading for the fridge!