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Subject: motm digest number 23 (again)

From: "mr sikorsky" <vulture.squadron@...>
Date: 2000-05-21

hello all
i sympathise with Paul - too much fresh fruit (muttered in a manical cleese like fashion...)
also the inner ear thing - cabin de-pressurisation on descent..? i get that really bad
anyway i'd like to thank those who contributed to that minor sample & hold thread earlier in the week, it got me thinking, especially after mr barlow's description of a 'staircase wave' - so what i did was this:
LFO clocking at a good sequencing rate square output to clock divider, #800 gate, & #100 clock in
Clock Divider 1:2 output to #700 input A, 1:4 output to #700 input B, 1:16 output to #700 CV in
#800 positive output to #100 input (for instance A=3, D=4.5, S=0, R=0)
#100 output to #300 v/oct input et voila...
...a major sequencing trick with yer #700 altering the sequence inna 4/4 stylee. the unfortunate thing is that Paul hasn't built a clock divider yet - no matter a cheap and nasty one can be made by wiring a load of jacks up to a 4520 chip dead simple - credit where credit is due - you can find schematics at
apologies to the old lags who will have laughed at my innocence, and the poor sods without a custom 4520 clock divider (oh, er that's just about all of you...)
meanwhile, those of you in the UK can now marvel at Canfords HST in luminous cream for 86p per metre - that's LUMINOUS !!!
ooh i think i'll just go switch the lights off...
paul b