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Subject: Re: [motm] Now I'm impressed!!!

From: hodad1@...
Date: 2000-05-19

My take on this is get the MOTM320 next. It's a great LFO, & can be used as
a Vco if you get the urge. It has a different timbre than the 300
(actually, I think the tone changes depending on how high a control voltage
you put into it)--I like its sound quite a bit.

Or get the 440. You won't regret that either.


> Tough choice. The 3 modules that come to mind to add significantly to
> you have would be either: MOTM-120 sub osc - to fatten up that one
> oscillator you have
> MOTM-300 osc - 'cause 1 is never enough and gives you more than just
> another octave
> MOTM-320 - Heck, you got to have an LFO.
> Then of course, at least one of everything else <snicker>
> Larry H
> From: Al Wagner <aardvark-mi@...>
> I just finished my second MOTM-800 EG... When I set the
> knobs to the same position on each EG they behaved identical...
> I was expecting a slight variance but there was none so now I'm
> impressed!!! This brings my little system to a 900, 300, 420 and
> 2 800's with a 110 on order (can't wait to try the ring mod!!!).. The
> hard (fun) part now is to decide which module to do next!!!
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