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Subject: ring modulator comes alive

From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>
Date: 2000-05-18

O.k., I'm a big fan of the ring modulator now. I guess I hadn't been putting
hot enough signals into it. Jeff Schmidt (AH member, potential future MOTM
owner) asked me to remix one of his tunes on It's a slight, minimal
techno piece, mostly performed with TR-909 and FR777 (sequencer/monosynth).
He was using the 909 high tom to trigger a Simmons module in his version. I
used the same patterns as he did, but I sent the tom directly into the
MOTM-110 ring modulator, along with a MOTM-300 in the "Y" input. I modulated
the oscillator various ways, and I got the most wonderful sound out of
there. I'm really, really glad I got such a good sound out of it. I was
beginning to wonder...

So if you haven't gotten good use out of the ring mod yet and wish to do so,
crank those inputs!

If you want to hear it, the URL's below. It's called "OSvNS" and the ring
mod comes in around half-way. It's pretty distinctive.