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Subject: Re: [motm] While Paul's away....

From: davevosh@...
Date: 2000-05-16

In a message dated 00-05-15 21:18:17 EDT, you write:

<< , I don't really think VC curve shape is that big of deal -- while being
nice to have, I'm not at the moment sure how I'd use it. >>

actually, i`d probably agree with you, i`m not sure how i`d use it but the
last time i suggested eliminating a v.c. possibility for the sake of
simplicity, everyone seemed in favor of complete v.c. / total flexibility.
this might be one of those things were you think " well......" but when you
finally have it, it turns into something you use all the time. but, if it
isn`t made v.c.-able, i guess it is moot.
re: dsg - i loved mine. possibly ( IMHO ) the finest, most versatile module
ever marketed by any company ( heresy be damned ! ). the range of contours
available was amazing and the "serendipity" functions just made life that
much more worth living...... :^)
dave v.