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Subject: Re: [motm] A very BAD day

From: elhardt@...
Date: 2000-05-12

synth1@... writes:

>>IN 27 YEARS seen a bigger pile of s∗∗t in my life as the horror these C++
loving, JAVA-writing, RAM-sucking,

I just logged on and saw this. You have captured my feelings exactly.
Lately I have been thinking that if computers keep going in the direction
they are now, in 5 years they will be totally unusable. I have seen early
small, fast, tight and clean applications turn into mega RAM hogging, bug
ridden, litter your hard drive with 5000 files, slow as molasses C++ pieces
of crap. And those applications run on top of operating systems that are
programmed the same way. It's a disaster. I used to get so pissed off at my
Macs that I almost threw one out a 2nd story window. Then I had to get more
into PCs. The problems increased 10 fold. Now I would like to see a Timothy
McVeigh like bombing of Microsoft. And yes, I would like to see lives lost.

>>Anyone remember NightRanger pinball for the Apple? 1,872 BYTES!!! THE WHOLE

Apple ][. Simple to use, didn't bomb out, bug free programs, booted up many
times faster than todays computers, basic ROM bios/monitor/disassembler was
only 2K, extended Applesoft basic only 10K, entire disk operating system
only 14K.

Things can be done the easy way:

Or the hard way:
#include CustomNonStandardVariableTypes.h
iUgly_vAriable_tooLong=(unsigned long)(∗∗pVariable_Unreadable->
&hData_Hard_To_Retrieve: Array[index].Element_Somewhere);