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Subject: A very BAD day

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
Date: 2000-05-12

Remember the Color Computer, or the VIC20 or the Sinclair where you booted
up in 1 second,
never hade a page fault, never had to reset unless you dicked NMI?

I spent 14 HOURS STRAIGHT trying to install 1 "upgrade" of my big pcb
autorouter. I have never
IN 27 YEARS seen a bigger pile of s∗∗t in my life as the horror these C++
loving, JAVA-writing, RAM-sucking,
I-need-300MB-on-your-drive, so called programmers at Cadence have come up
with including:

a) having to run TCP/IP even if you are NOT on a network!

b) ∗requiring∗ you to edit the Registry manually

c) Installing the software in a path (and I'm not making this up)

C:\Program Files\Cadence Design Systems\Cadence Design License
Manager\License File\Bin\Programs\Data

and ∗requiring∗ you to type this in 6 FRIGGIN TIMES in various setup screens

d) the Installation Guide is (I'm not making this up) 67 PAGES LONG

and after all this, zip. Page crashes. Was on the phone 6 HOURS with tech
support . NADA! My autorouter is dead.

So, sad to say ZERO MOTM will ship tomorrow (or today) :( Sorry Sorry
Sorry. Nothing I can do. I HATE computers.
The single worse thing to happen to programming is the introduction of the
64K DRAM. Anyone remember
NightRanger pinball for the Apple? 1,872 BYTES!!! THE WHOLE )(#$∗%∗#$%

Paul S.
signing off, apoligies to Celeste