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Subject: Re:Thank God

From: Aaron Swihart <aaron@...>
Date: 2000-05-11

You know, I encountered a similar thing - I had two 320's, one 800, two
420's a 110, a and a 120 - same thing happened to me. One of the 800's had
a bad chip, however that affected only the performance of the 800 itself.
Funny thing was, a couple of days latter it could never reproduce the
problem. I actually re-set all of the power connectors, and even swapped
them around, like THAT should make a difference. Obviously there was a
poor connection and just changing things around did make all the

Electronic troubleshooting rule #1 - wiggle it first.

Had another oddity later with a 300 as well. One would scale right up to
1V/oct, the other would only hold its scaling for 1 1/2 oct. I tried
everything, even spoke to Paul who had great ideas(none worked). They were
built at the same time, and I double and triple checked it all. Then
magically, when I added a second 800 and two 440's - it worked flawlessly.
Nothing else changed in that month or so between modules.

Once again lending to my theory that ALL electronics have a mind of their
own. They like certain interactions - and refuse others.

Your electronical conspiritist,