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Subject: Re: [motm] Troubleshooting a short

From: hodad1@...
Date: 2000-05-09

I too have had this problem. Checking for shorts on the jacks is a great
place to start when
troubleshooting a module. And checking for solder bridges on switches.
That's my experience anyway.


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From: David Bivins <dbivins@...>
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Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 2:37 PM
Subject: [motm] Troubleshooting a short

> Hi all,
> I had some trouble with the 700 vc router I just built. Luckily, Paul was
> available for some live tech support and I got it sorted out. Because the
> problem seemed like it ∗could∗ conceivably happen more than once, I'd like
> to tell you all about it.
> The way the coax attaches to the jacks, the braid is pulled to one side
> first and twisted. On a particular strand of coax, the inner insulation
> melted or been cut through (very fine break) and the braid was resting
> across it, causing a short. I couldn't see this at first and went through
> lot of trouble disassembling the PCB sandwich, etc.
> So if you're having trouble, don't forget to look at the easier solution
> first. I had carefully scanned the PCB twice, including verifying
> placement, before I looked at the other end. And considering the iron
> proximity we have to work with sometimes when wiring the front panel, it's
> fairly easy to slip and melt a bit of insulation.
> David.
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