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Subject: Re: Cases for MOTM

From: "Tentochi" <tentochi@...
Date: 1999-05-14

SKBs are great! I have several in various styles and sizes. Good prices
for the quality. Light weight. ATA approved. Look cool--especially in
Star Trek episodes.

I have only checked an SKB on an airline once and it did well, although it
did of course get scuffed a bit.

I think Paul said part of his original design strategy was based around the
SKB 12U pop-up mixer case. 2 racks of MOTM--1U for MIDI-CV--1U for amp.
Actually I don't need an amp (old skool Paul! Ha!) I use the new Berhinger
40-point patch bay (although the brushed Al finish matches my Emu modular
better). Finally Paul made the depth of the modules so they would
comfortably fit in this case too.

Some of the SKB cases come with rails on the fronts and backs (not the mixer
case though of course). This is excellent for taking your PS and mounting
on the back (MOTM 3U free!). Also good for placing a patch bay for quickly
connecting non-modular components (jacks are on the rear of the units) at

Since Paul is so much of an advocate that "something good already exists,
why do I need to do it?" that I am surprised he said he was going to provide
custom racks. Perhaps it is part of the modular culture he has to conform
to. Although I am sure many people will buy this high MOTM-quality


> I live in an apartment which includes 5 cats and a dog. The dust
> problem is
> almost incredible. I barely manage to keep my synths clean (it's one of my
> daily chores), and I want to keep my MOTM as clean as possible. Would you
> people suggest a SKB case so that I can close off the front when I'm not
> using it (and back most of the time)? Any other case options?
> DavidBivins.