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Subject: Re: [motm] test -sorry

From: "jhaible" <jhaible@...>
Date: 2000-05-09

> > Strangely quiet on 2 lists at the same time
> >
> Okay, I'll pipe up. I just finished a MOTM 410 and spent the
> last two hours running a single VCO through the unit and twiddling.
> One word; Awesome.

Nice to hear this !

> Now I need to build a preamp to boost a line signal to 10vptp,
> because I've got to run a guitar through this thing. Actually,
> guitar into univibe into 410 into mixer.

I haven't tried a guitar, but I'm running synths (main output,
"line level") directly thru the same circuit as the MOTM 410
without boosting the signal, and I never had noise problems -
one benefit of the optoelectronic filter technology.
So if you want to use the 410 as a stand alone unit (instrument
-> filter -> mixing desk), just try it as it is.

> I noticed when building the unit that it used JRC 4558's. This
> is the chip that supposedly is responsible for the legendary tube
> screamer sound.

I tried a lot of different ones, including some modern Analog
Devices types, but this is what I liked most. It just sounds "right"
in this circuit.