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Subject: Thank God!!!

From: Nathan Alan Hunsicker <nate@...>
Date: 2000-05-09

I finished building my 410 today. After replacing that pesky TL074 op
amp I put in backwards, I was ready to power up the module and test it.
When I connected it to the power supply and turned it on, everything
stopped working, the light on my LFO was showing a dim green and was not
oscillating. Of course I immediately turned the PS off and disconnected
the 410, powered back up and everything works fine. Now I'm thinking
something is shorted out so I take one last look at EVERYTHING, not one
thing wrong (except for a resistor not facing the same way as the
others.) my next thought was does my PS have enough power to run all my
modules? I only have a 300, 320, 110, 120, 420, 410 & three 800's, it
couldn't possibly be the PS, but just in case, I disconnect one of the
800's and try again, SUCCESS!!! So now I'm thinking I need another PS as
I prepare the module to put in my rack, I plug it back in, bolt it to
the rack rails, power up and WHAMMO, it happens again. I'm totally lost,
just as a last resort I try switching the MTA cable to the one that was
powering the 800 and it works! For some reason, when the bad MTA cable
is not connected to a module, it is fine, but as soon as I connect it to
a module (any module) it shorts out. I am so glad that it was the cable
and not my module. NOW, what was the reason I typed all of this you ask?
Just in case you build a module and can't figure out why it doesn't
work, don't forget the obvious, test the power cable. -Nate