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Subject: Watch out for the I LOVE YOU virus

From: Nathan Hunsicker <nate@...>
Date: 2000-05-04

Usually I do not condone people sending "alert" type emails, however being
a network administator for a company who's entire network was just crippled
by this virus, I feel the need to alert everyone I know. If you recieve an
email from ANYONE with I LOVE YOU in the subject or with a file attached
called LOVE LETTER FOR YOU.vbs, DO NOT OPEN IT!!! The file is a VB Script
which will damage your windows registry and redistribute the email to
everyone in your address book. As of 12:30EST AVERT has yet to find a fix
for this virus, and no Antivirus software will catch it! Stay safe! -Nate

Of course, those of you using Solaris, SGI, LINUX, UNIX or Mac systems
don't need to worry, this virus is only made to attack Win32 (Windows 95,
98, NT & 2000) systems.