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Subject: Re: [motm] *** MODULE #1000 ***

From: Charles Stella <cstella@...>
Date: 2000-05-02

Here, here! Congratulations to Paul (and all involved) for making MOTM so great.

Paul Schreiber wrote:

> It's official! Module #1000 (a MOTM-320 kit) was shipped today, somewhere in
> the Eastern USA. It was sent by Fed-Ex, so look for the truck on Wednesday!
> The consolation prize (#999) goes to David Bivins (a MOTM-700 kit). Nice
> try!
> I guess for module #2000 I'll have to think up another prize. Maybe 1
> assembled module of your choice?
> Anyway, thanks to everyone for my "little hobby" that is 90% of my
> bandwidth. I'll try to
> ship as much as I can between now and May 12th.
> Paul S.
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