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Subject: Re: [motm] interesting sequencer idea..? NO boundary

From: davevosh@...
Date: 2000-04-29

In a message dated 00-04-29 06:49:08 EDT, you write:

<< The
control voltages would be recovered using several BP filters,
rectifiers and envelope followers . The playback box (built by
Buchla) would both interact with real time audio from the score
played by the musician, and the cv's coming from the recorder . I
witnessed a performance for cello and box in the early 80's . >>

i saw a performance in the early `80`s at the smithsonian in washington, d.c.
using this sort of set-up. subotnick called it "ghost electronics". the used
the tape to store "events" as sounds and recover them as control voltages for
performance control of spatio-location, etc.. when i saw him, he was actually
using a bunch of serge envelope followers and quad vca matrix. as a serge
owner at that time i was surprised and asked him about it after the concert
and he told me that while he was perhaps the most well known buchla user in
the world, buchla was hard to deal with and hard to get stuff from in a
timely basis so this batch of stuff he had gotten from serge because of the "
cultural similarity" of the system concepts.
dave v.