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Subject: Re: [motm] Monkee stuff & EM history

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-04-28

In a message dated 4/26/2000 11:42:06 PM, improv@... writes:

>>First, did anyone hear the little (10 minute) bit about Dave Borden &
>>Mallard today on All Things Considered? Nice little mention about the
>>interest in analog.
>Dang, missed that one! But I did catch Moog on both Fresh Air and
>Performance Today within the last month or so. There does seem to be a
>resurgence goin' on.

On that ATC piece they had an interview with an English guy (who was the one
mentioning the analog resurgence) who'd written a book about EM named Trevor
Page -- do I recognize that name from the diy list?

>BTW, Moog was on Performance Toady (and an interview w/Moog is one of the
>few things that will get me to sit through an hour of that show!) to
>promote a new compilation CD called "Ohm: Early Gurus of Electronic Music
>1948-1980." I picked this up yesterday, and, while I've only listened to
>the first disc thus far, it's a wonderful collection. Mostly focussed on
>"classical" EM: Messian, Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, etc. I
>some of the stuff on the discs already, but there's a fair amount I'd never
>heard before. Great notes & beautiful packaging too.

We don't get Performance Today here, but I'd like to hear that one. The Early
Guru's does look like a good CD.

by Pierre Henry (maybe Schaeffer was there
>>too) from maybe around 1968. It was musique concrete (naturally) and was
>>album length work where all the pieces were made from recordings of a
>saw, a
>>squeak of a door hinge, and a human sigh.

>It's "Variations for a Door and a Sigh" (aptly named!), and it is an
>incredible piece. It's on CD, on if I remember rightly, Harmonia Mundi.

Trenkel, you are my man!!!! I got to check out HM CDs ti see if this is the
case. I owe you a Three Stooges Beer -- if I can find one.

JB> "Hello, do you have Three Stooges in a bottle?"
Liquor store clerk> "Not since we got Prince Albert out of that can!" Click!
JB> "Hello? Hello?"