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Subject: RE: [motm] Monkee / Garson stuff

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <ken.tkacs@...>
Date: 2000-04-27

I too have read in more than one place that Garson's "Zodiac" was the first
to use Moog.

(It's too bad Mort Garson's stuff is so impossible to find. It ranges from
fun campy to downright nice, but it's always been very difficult to locate.)

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From: davevosh@... [mailto:davevosh@...]
Sent:Wednesday, 26 April, 2000 10:06 PM
Subject:Re: [motm] Monkee stuff

what about "zodiac cosmic sounds" ( correct title ? ) with mort garson - ?
i`ve seen that credited several places including an interview with bob moog
if my memory serves me correctly as being the first pop album to use a
synthesizer. ?????
anybody know for sure, if only for historical accuracy ??????