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Subject: Re: [motm] Monkee stuff

From: davevosh@...
Date: 2000-04-27

In a message dated 00-04-26 22:59:53 EDT, you write:

<< but the way Moog and my old
EM instructor described the album, it might be more appropriately described
as the first comedic use of the Moog synthesizer. Another way to look at it
is, how do you describe a "pop album," does popularity enter into it? >>

i`ve never heard the album myself, just read about it. mort garson interview
in polyphony and assorted moog references, for example i quote synapse,
may/june 1977 : " this is 1967 now. i could show you the first lp using a
moog synthesizer. it`s one of the funniest things you`ll ever want to hear.
that was 1967." question : "which album was that?" moog : "it`s called
"zodiac cosmic sounds."
i always took the term "funniest" to mean in terms of the sounds as being
"cheesy" or "dated" as opposed to "comedic".
it was good to see moog credit guys like ussachevsky and schaeffer for things
like the adsr and vcf. the initial reference in the interview left me
wondering but he did get to it later. also, the somewhat unkind reference to
david luce somewhat surprised me as in the same synapse interview, he spoke
more favorably about luce and the polymoog. likewise in an interview in
electronotes, if i recall correctly. i`ve got an old j.a.e.s. from 1964 which
has an article by luce ( and others) about instrument timbre`s and analysis (
and a really great article by gordon mumma on building a personal electronic
music studio - a fantastic piece ! ) and if i recall correctly, it was some
of luce`s research that pointed the way to the usefulness of variable slope
vcf`s. so, while i could easily be wrong, i always presumed luce to be a
learned and serious type who had contributed to the (then) state of the art.
also, was it me, or did they completely skip over moog`s work with kurzweil ?
or big briars being ( at one time ) the importer / distributor of synton
modular synths in the post - moog music days ?
dave v.