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Subject: Re: [motm] Monkee stuff

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-04-27

In a message dated 4/26/2000 7:06:45 PM, davevosh@... writes:
>what about "zodiac cosmic sounds" ( correct title ? ) with mort garson
>- ?
>i`ve seen that credited several places including an interview with bob
>if my memory serves me correctly as being the first pop album to use a
>synthesizer. ?????
> anybody know for sure, if only for historical accuracy ??????

Well, Moog definitely mentioned (on the Fresh Aire interview a couple of
months ago) it as being the first use of the Moog on the West coast. I don't
remember hearing it (if I did it was only once), but the way Moog and my old
EM instructor described the album, it might be more appropriately described
as the first comedic use of the Moog synthesizer. Another way to look at it
is, how do you describe a "pop album," does popularity enter into it?

John (I clearly listen to the radio too much) Barlow