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Subject: Re: Moog phaser questions

From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
Date: 2000-04-26

I have the MF-103 Phaser and it is very nice. It does have a unique sound, as many
phasers do. To me, it is a bit bottom heavy (another translation would be "thick")
with some nice resonance. I have never heard the original Moog 12-stage phaser to
compare it. The real beauty of the MF-103 is the patching. I put mine on a rack
shelf with all of the connectors on the back coming out on a patch panel near my
modular stuff so it is easy to patch it in and control it just like a module.
Controlling the resonance or sweep with an EG or LFO makes it into another filter
module! You need a balanced patch bay and some balanced cords to connect it up so
that you don't short out the power used when plugging a sweep pedal into the same
input (the MF's can tolerate this but I would wonder about the long-term results
since it would be shorted ∗all∗ the time).

One thing to be aware of with the MF series - they are designed to work for guitars
as well as line level devices and they do pretty well, but just don't plan to slam a
10V p-to-p MOTM signal through it and expect to get 10V p-to-p out. There is
adequate attenuation but that kind of amplification.

I purchased mine off the net used for something like $275, I can't quite remember.
They come up once in awhile on Harmony-Central. Big-Briar is selling them for $359
and I know you can do better than that at ZZounds or someplace similar. I've even
seen that Chris Youdell is selling them off his web site. The pedals seems to
always go for about $40.

I think there is always room for a good phaser in any studio ;) The only time it
can be come difficult is when you start talking about big phasers like the MuTron


--- "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...> wrote:
> Oh, I forgot the phaser questions:
> 2 - Anybody own the Mooger Phaser and care to comment on it?
> 3 - What seems to be the going rate for the new Mooger Phaser and that
> pedal thingy?
> 4 - Does a stooge have room in his studio for two great (and hopefully
> quite different) phasers?
> Larry H

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