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Subject: Digital guts behind MOTM panels..

From: revtor@...
Date: 2000-04-25

I know that getting the basics of modualr sythesis inthe MOTM arsenal is of
paramount importance..
but has anyone seen the Dopefer sampler/wavetable module?
check it out..
I want a few
but 200 bucks for a doepfer module is steeep..
of course I envision a MOTM equivalent.
maybe i could go hog wild and mount it behind a MOTM panel
Digital modules, yes.
would fit well in a modular synth, yes.
wack the shit out of your sonic palette, yes.
okay, Ill shut up for a year, until all the planned modules are out, then
I'll see whats up.
There's just something very intriguing about interfacing digital chips with
the cv's of a modular system. I guess it spawns from my casio circut bending
experiences.... That, by the way is my next project, making my SK-1's guts
patchable. Ill keep you posted,