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Subject: Quick Update

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
Date: 2000-04-24

I'm going to ship as much as humanly possible this week. Then, I will have
to cut back due to
other things taking over for a while.

The following modules are in short supply, and will run out this week. It
will be 14-18 days until
they get replenished.


If you have pending orders for the other modules, you will receive them. Of
the 4 shown, the re-kitting
order is 300/440/110/320.

Again, some of you ∗will∗ see all of your order, but most will get partial
shipment. And somewhere in there the '820
VC Lag will be ready, but that will probably wait until 95% of the backlog
is shipped.

I will get the flat rails quoted as well. Note the are NOT L-shaped: they
are 12U long by 0.500 tall, 10ga steel.
They are designed to be attached to wood support bars (they have
counter-sunk holes for wood screws). This
way, you can both end-butt them for longer cabinets, and lay them next to
each other for a no-gap, 2 row
setup. This make "Mogg-style sloped-front cabinets" a breeze.

Paul S.