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Subject: Re: [motm] Something wacky this way comes!

From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
Date: 2000-04-24

I too am a happy Wacky Kovacky cable consumer! John even made a special
triple-headed 1/4"->S-Trigger cable for me for a very reasonable price.

I have been using two kinds of cable claws. The first are some old lab claws that I
got when a former employer's lab was dismantled. They work fine but are a bit on
the large 'n clunky size. The second are from Middle Atlantic and just called
"Cable Claw". The Kovacky cables fit in these at the heat-shrink edge rather than at
the plug. I consider this a feature because you can fit more cables into a slot
this way. These claws are available at MARS and sometimes at Guitar Center. I
think mine were < $10. Cheap enough to get lots and spread them around the studio!


--- jwbarlow@... wrote:
> I've become another happy member of the Wacky Kovacy cable consumers on this
> list. I received my order very quickly, and they look good. I'm wondering if
> any one happens to know the proper cable claw to use to hang these? I'm under
> the impression that they are color coded for different width cables (I might
> just be imagining that), and I have sort of "peach" colored ones which are
> good for hanging banana and mini cables, but the slots are too narrow for the
> 1/4" cables.
> Just wanted to add my praise for this cable company.
> John B.

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