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Subject: List Links :~(

From: "thomas white" <djthomaswhite@...>
Date: 2000-04-23


Man you sure took my mail personal. No offense was intended. I was mearly
supporting the links provided by users becauase I have yet to come across a
link that is not valuable to the MOTM-ers when it was provided by an
MOTM-er. There has been much talk about other features on other types of
gear out there and Ivan always posts e-bay pages with pictures for us on the
list who do not scour e-bay (On Line auction site)

> >I for one do not read my email online but offline, so i have no clue what
>this is all about, and i'm not going to log on every time a
> >link is included .

No one said you should.

>Say i download my mail and put it on a laptop to go and read it in the
>garden . What relevance would a mail like this have to me then, as the
>brand and type of that ancient flanger, or whatever, is not mentioned .

Maybe you can save the links until the next time you ARE on line and check
them out if you have any curiosity.

Are you going to answer me then that i'd better get a GSM with internet
connection at half a buck a minute ?

Come on Hugo, this is a little too serious I think

>Let's open another can of worms : Downloading music ? MP3's ? Ha .
>Useful, but that's all .

"Usefull" is enough for me to spend my time with it. If you make music, you
can not look down upon the amount of free samples and sounds available for
download, MP3 or not. Percussion and simple sounds sample great on MP3.
Check out if you use a sampler at all. Even if you
sequence music with your computer, you can use these downloaded samples in
any drum-box type interface program and have your own new custom drum
machine. Very usefull indeed for my studio. The less limitations I put on
whats acceptable, the more new techniques I end up learning/discovering.

>Aaah, it feels good to be a grumpy old fart at times ;^P

Grumpy 26 year olds feel good too!!! :~)

Please undestand Hugo that I only try and support the overall growth of the
list and I never meant for you to take anything personal from my previous
mail. It was just my honest opinion. I too would like to always see
descriptions with links and hopefully we start to see them. If not, I will
still go on my gear treasure hunt by looking at every one of them.

>And remember, dj-kids :
>Keep 'em oscillating :)

Believe me Hugo, they're oscillating wildly at 33rpm

Much respect and no hard times intended, long live MOTM and Paul's patience
with making it all happen. (Its worth it man!)

Thomas "dj-kid" White

Happiness is a fully patchable modular frame of mind :~)

PS. Maybe we can have an MP3 module to emulate the tin can sound effect it
gives to full on music files! Ha

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