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Subject: RE: [motm] Delay Module.. Digital bad?

From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>
Date: 2000-04-20

I don't understand--a delay without signal degradation? What would that be
used for?


I love analog. Even PICs give me the creeps. But I'll keep an open mind.

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> Subject: [motm] Delay Module.. Digital bad?
> Ill second the wish for a delay module.
> But I was wondering if it could be digital? I mean analog is
> nice but with
> digital the delays can be longer with no signal degradation and
> maybe even
> potentially cheaper. Maybe the digital delay cuts out some of
> the signal at
> the low and high end? Could these delays be used for CV's as
> well as audio?
> Why is everyone so desiring an analog delay? Anyway, as long as
> the delay
> time and wet/dry controls are voltage controllable any delay is
> fine with me.
> Plus Blacet and Moog already have analog delay boxes out, lets
> make a better
> one... Loong delays with a hold option, VC as many params as
> possible, maybe
> be able to sync the delay to a clock or something like that too..
> I was actually considering mounting a Boss delay pedal onto a
> MOTM panel with
> the MOTM knobs and stuff anyway...
> Why is Digital Delay bad?
> Why is analog Delay good?
> food for threads..
> ~SteveM
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