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Subject: RE: [motm] Delay Module.. Digital bad?

From: "Brousseau, Paul E (Paul)" <noise@...>
Date: 2000-04-19

For starters, I don't think that digitial delay is not bad. It has many
advantages, as you pointed out. Although I think that digital delays would
actually ∗keep∗ more of the high and low end than the analog counterparts.

Analog delay is simply different. I haven't expirienced it myself (or at
least, not knowingly), but my understanding is that you can get "better"
(subjective!) control with an analog delay. In particular, sweeping delay
time produces a much "smoother" effect with analog. Digital delays, I've
heard, produce stair-stepped delay times. Analog delays run into trouble
with high frequencies due to aliasing, but I'd wager that analog aliasing
sounds different ("better"?) than digital aliasing.

Again, this is all subject to hear-say.

I have a few racked digital delays as part of other boxes. I like them.
They're neato, peachy, and keen too. I've been thinking about getting a
Line6 LM-4 (?) for analog delay modelling, but it doesn't have enough
control for my tastes. The Blacet comes in the wrong package for my setup,
and the Moog is not only expensive, but I don't have any more table-top


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> Sent:Wednesday, April 19, 2000 1:40 PM
> Subject:[motm] Delay Module.. Digital bad?
> Ill second the wish for a delay module.
> But I was wondering if it could be digital? I mean analog is nice but
> with
> digital the delays can be longer with no signal degradation and maybe even
> potentially cheaper. Maybe the digital delay cuts out some of the signal
> at
> the low and high end? Could these delays be used for CV's as well as
> audio?
> Why is everyone so desiring an analog delay? Anyway, as long as the delay
> time and wet/dry controls are voltage controllable any delay is fine with
> me.
> Plus Blacet and Moog already have analog delay boxes out, lets make a
> better
> one... Loong delays with a hold option, VC as many params as possible,
> maybe
> be able to sync the delay to a clock or something like that too..
> I was actually considering mounting a Boss delay pedal onto a MOTM panel
> with
> the MOTM knobs and stuff anyway...
> Why is Digital Delay bad?
> Why is analog Delay good?
> food for threads..