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Subject: Cabinet Question -- Assembly

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <ken.tkacs@...>
Date: 2000-04-17

Eric, can you (or one of you other Moog console owners) answer a question
for me?

You know how the tapped metal rails, to which the modules attach, are held
to horizontal wooden beams that support them? How do these beams attach to
the cabinet sides?

I'm crumpling up lots of paper trying to figure out how ∗least∗ to show
anything but unblemished hardwood on the outsides. I'm trying to achieve a
"zero visible fastener" look, that may be impossible or misguided.

The easiest method which is probably mechanically the strongest is to just
sink big furniture screws into the beams from the outside of the cabinet.
But that leaves big screw heads. Unless you sink them with a Forstner bit
and then use a plug cutter to make some discs to cover the heads, trying to
match the grain, etc.

Then I thought about surrounding the beams with "L" brackets on three sides.
Prevents the screwheads from showing, but then the screws need to be short
enough not to poke through the sides. That limits how 'thin' one can make
the side panels (I know that Moog used big ¾" wood, but I was hoping to get
that down to 5/8" or even ½" since my individual cabinet 'modules' will be
smaller and wont need the support of ¾" wood).

THEN I started working on this whole system of rabbets, dovetails,
blocking... finally pulling my hair out.

So I wanted to just pause at this point and ask, "What did ol' "R.A." do
with the Moog Modular?"

Thanks in advance.