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Subject: Re: [motm] Cascading S&H

From: "Hugo Haesaert" <hugo.haesaert@...>
Date: 2000-04-16

Hi All !

Just cascading s/h's will not work : opening 'em all up at the same
time will just give you general drift :) Inbetween one needs extra
s/h's to keep the previous value stable until the value is aquired by
the s/h that outputs it . Look at how BBD's work, although in this
case one could get away with much lower spec s/h's for the
"inbetweeners" .

While i was typing the above, i was trying to remember where i saw
such a circuit .... And here it is :

See the initials : Juergen Haible :)

The cmos databook i have at hand (1977, where's my newer one ? :) )
does not give the 4098, but it's a dual monostable . My guess is
that here the last s/h gets triggered first, and then the "previous"
one etc . The logic circuit could be copied and applied to any bunch
of s/h's i suppose .

How does the Serge do it ?

Bye for now .

Keep 'em oscillating :)