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Subject: Re: [motm] Paia Hot springs reverb.. behind a 2u panel??

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-04-16

In a message dated 4/15/2000 7:35:04 PM, revtor@... writes:

> I want to build a spring reverb module and am looking at the Paia Hot
>Springs as the only kit reverb out there.. I (of course) want to build
>behind a MOTM panel so It is fully compatible with my system. Do any of
>who have built this or know the dimensions of the reverb tanks think that
>they and the circut board and the jacks and pots needed will fit behind
>a 2u
>panel.. 3u?? All I need to know is if anyone thinks that this is
>possible.. Then I'm going to order the kit. I know I can make it work
>any real info would be helpful. I should keep spring reverbs away from
>supplies right??

The one problem I can think of immediately is that the instructions clearly
state, "the reverb cans are designed to be mounted on a flat surface, and not
horizontally or upside down." I don't know if this would actually make a
difference in performance, but if you follow those directions, it screws up
one's ability to mount it without regard to that. As far as power supply
noise (and the general mounting problem) you might want to have reasonably
long cables to your cans, and then (with your system on and reverb return up
loud -- but don't shake them at all) physically move the cans around to find
the place with the lowest noise.

You also can mount the panel controls (one in one out and an LED) on a 1U
panel easily -- plenty of room to spare. If you want any additional features
(like a mixer) it would be better to do that with separate kits.

I do like using springs in a modular. A favorite patch of every ARP 2600 user
is to patch VCOs into the reverb and then into the VCA for those gated
cathedral type sounds.

You might try just getting the cans, and running them off a spare headphone
amp -- I think I mentioned this recently.