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Subject: MOTM Patch Spreadsheet

From: Fred Becker <mach25@...>
Date: 2000-04-15

An Excel sheet could also be used as a tool for defining/archiving patches--

1. Each jack could be listed and interconnections between them shown by
listing an abbreviated text designator for the target jack in the row for a
given jack. For instance the Module 300 SAW jack could be called 300SA or
300SAW and this would be listed in any row to which it gets attached.

2. Each knob could be listed and its position given as 1-10, and

3. Each switch could be listed with its position listed or each switch
position could be listed with an X given for the desired position.

The 300 can be defined with 16-19 rows. If an average of 15 rows is used
per module, a huge system of 50 modules would occupy 750 rows in a
spreadsheet. This would print out as about 15 pages, and about 10 columns
of patches could fit on a page.

This method is best for larger patches, but is inefficient for documenting
smaller patches. It is also highly non-visual, an accounting tool
only. The patch diagrams in Visio (which I don't have yet) are much more fun.