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Subject: Re: [motm] Module Idea -- Harmonic Bias Source

From: "Hugo Haesaert" <hugo.haesaert@...>
Date: 2000-04-15

Hi All !

There is indeed a problem with the phases of a bank of oscillators .
Not with sines, but with harmonically richer waveforms, as they will
go on beating against each other, the result will be phasing like
sounds . Not bad in and of itself maybe, but not the result hoped
for, i gather .

In the past a subharmonic instrument has been developed : the
Trautonium . This link gives a good intro :

Couple of remarks after a cursory read : the Mixturtrautonium by
Sala had two times two HF oscs, to be correct, the D module would
have to have had an extra input on the 4th divider for the second osc,
giving the instrument also non-harmonic possibilities . The second
pair would be for the second manual . I suspect there's more of the
same ilk, but i want to get on with this post :)

There is a module with a spectrum like display for the partials, and
they threw in a lot besides . It's called the Kawai K5m, ca 1986,
can be had for not too much, 4 individual outs, 4u etc ;-)

Oh yeah, it's fully digital, has only nudge buttons and one alpha
dial, and stacks of menus, and it's a real b@sterd to program, but a
computer editor is available ;^)

In this context the NM has something over a bank of "real"
oscillators : one can do proper additive on it, and have 18 knobs to
tweak the partials, more if you spend the money for 4 PC1600x's :)

Bye for now .

Keep 'em oscillating :)