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Subject: Tuners

From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
Date: 2000-04-15

One of the best investments I have made (sorry, that might not be the best thing to
say today with the U.S. stock market and all) was to find a used Korg DTR-1 digital
rack tuner. It has a large display that I can see from across the room with the
current note and a nice arc of LEDs to show the deviation from the correct pitch.
It also has two switchable inputs. I leave a patch cord connected to the front
panel input and connect it to an unused waveform output of one my oscillators.
Depending on the stability of your controller, you don't need to hold a note down to
check tuning. I brought the second tuner input to a patch bay and I can patch any
other synth into it and easily see the tuner. I have come to see this as a
necessary "luxury" in the studio. It certainly makes it easier to program an analog
sequencer to concert pitch. Oh, did I mention that a ∗QUANTIZER∗ can make this lots
easier too!??!? There I go again, putting in my requests for future modules... ;)


--- ivancu@... wrote:
> In a message dated 04/14/2000 5:03:37 AM, vulture.squadron@... writes:
> << i find it a real pain to powerup my VL1m and tuneup. anyone had any
> thoughts on a set of precision voltage sources (using 0.1% resistors etc) to
> aid in this - or am
> i barking up the wrong tree etc etc >>
> I have a small, but accurate, electronic tuner that I'm going to build into
> my rack-o-stuff for this purpose. Seems to work fine for this application.
> Ivan

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