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Subject: RE: [motm] New Power Supply Discussion

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...>
Date: 2000-04-14

> I assume you're using the HBB15 (1.5 amps a side) -- this is what
> I've got
> too, though I did mount it on a MOTM 900 panel. Have you checked how much
> current you're drawing? I'd like to know. I'm not sure how close
> to the max
> I'd like to go, but I've only got less than 20 modules running
> off it so far.
> It seems like the HAA 15 (0.8 amps a side) that Paul ships with
> the 900 can
> supply more modules than I first thought.

Yes, that's what I'm using. I'm sure I ran out of cabinet space long before
I ran out of current capacity. I haven't checked what current I'm drawing.
It's a fair question, but since each cabinet will have its own supply, and
the heavy duty supply is only $20 or so more expensive, I just bought it and
forgot about it.

Dave Bradley
Principal Software Engineer
Engineering Animation, Inc.