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Subject: RE: [motm] Module Idea -- Harmonic Bias Source

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <ken.tkacs@...>
Date: 2000-04-14

Well, I played with a demo of the Nord Modular (full version) software and
it seemed like it would run out of processing power before you dragged
enough modules onto the screen to do anything really sophisticated. Am I
mistaken? I don't mean enough modules to do a P5 imitation, but something
more along the lines of a Wendy Carlos patch.

I know it's got multiple audio outs, but what they should have done was
design it with something like 16 CV ins/outs, too, not only so that multiple
units could be ganged, but to integrate better with a modular.

You're right that sometimes we try to do things in analog that are more
suited to digital. Some of the things I dream up on pare are real "square
pegs in round holes" ideas, and it's frustrating. In the old days, digital
wasn't an option, so you just let your mind wander; now, you find yourself
grumbling that digital would make certain solutions much easier.

But for myself, I don't make a distinction so much between A & D, but
between a physical interface and a virtual one. I work on a PC all day, and
when I'm working on music, I still need PCs for the MIDI & recording. At
least let my instruments be free of the CRT and mouse! I'm all for digital
circuitry behind modular panels, if that's what it takes to do the job. But
I still like big knobs and patchcords. The ∗interface∗ and the flexibility
of a modular is what makes it so wonderful.

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Sent:Friday, 14 April, 2000 3:38 AM
Subject:Re: [motm] Module Idea -- Harmonic Bias Source

ken.tkacs@... writes:

>>You know why I didn't buy a Nord Modular when it came out? I was
in the idea, but I was waiting for the "super" version. Instead, years
later, they came out with the "mini" version, so they seem to actually be
going in the opposite direction from what I'm looking for.<<

I would have to say the current Nord Modular is a "super" version. There
very few limitations, and a greater variety of modules (after several OS
updates) than just about any real modular. However being under $$$
restraints I would think the "mini" version would still be appealing because

it can integrate into a real modular. If you want additive synthesis, or 10

more oscillators, or external processing of sounds through filters, phase
shifters, comb filters or what have you, it will add that to the MOTM quite
nicely, and for only about the cost of a couple of MOTM oscillator kits. I
see a lot of people ask for rather impractical things to be done in the
analog domain, when they are so easily and cheaply done in the digital
and available now.


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