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Subject: Re: [motm] Module Idea -- Harmonic Bias Source

From: "james holloway" <jimh54@...>
Date: 2000-04-14

I agree, I have a micro modular and love it. The only difference is fewer
knobs and fewer DSPs. fewer DSPs only means less polyphony. Almost all
patches written for the full modular work in the micro. It's virtually
unlimited in the number of modules you can incorporate. Downside is you need
a MAC (or PC) to program it. And it is digital. Sounds pretty good for
digital though.

>From: elhardt@...
>Subject: Re: [motm] Module Idea -- Harmonic Bias Source
>Date: Fri, 14 Apr 2000 03:37:51 EDT
>ken.tkacs@... writes:
> >>You know why I didn't buy a Nord Modular when it came out? I was
> in the idea, but I was waiting for the "super" version. Instead, years
> later, they came out with the "mini" version, so they seem to actually be
> going in the opposite direction from what I'm looking for.<<
>I would have to say the current Nord Modular is a "super" version. There
>very few limitations, and a greater variety of modules (after several OS
>updates) than just about any real modular. However being under $$$
>restraints I would think the "mini" version would still be appealing
>it can integrate into a real modular. If you want additive synthesis, or
>more oscillators, or external processing of sounds through filters, phase
>shifters, comb filters or what have you, it will add that to the MOTM quite
>nicely, and for only about the cost of a couple of MOTM oscillator kits. I
>see a lot of people ask for rather impractical things to be done in the
>analog domain, when they are so easily and cheaply done in the digital
>and available now.

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