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Subject: New Power Supply Discussion

From: "Tkacs, Ken" <ken.tkacs@...>
Date: 2000-04-13

Ideally, two different power supplies could be offered, going forward---the
current MOTM-900 designed to fit the SKB case dimensions, and perhaps a
MOTM-905 or something that caters to cabinet/console systems. For me, that
one would be best with a 1u panel for the power switch and some wire that
lets you mount the actual PS somewhere inside the cabinet. To the inner left
wall or whatever (I doubt anyone would put the power switch module in the
middle of their modules, but I guess you never know).

For ME, ideally, the power cord connector would be on a separate little
bezel that could be screwed to the back of the cabinet. Or perhaps on an
L-shaped panel so that it could be screwed to the bottom board. That way
those that don't put backs on still have it secured, and those that do need
only notch out a bit of the back to let it show through.

I really like the idea of a PS with the power cord in the rear---this is
much better for me---but I'd hate top see any MOTM module "retired."

(I'm thankful for the shallow depth of MOTM modules --- I like the
dimensions very much --- but I'm a little stumped as to why fitting the
system into an SKB portable case is the be-all end-all of modular
synthesizer packaging....? It seems to be a dire requirement, and I while
it's very cool that the modules can be packaged that way, I don't see why it
was a life or death industrial design restriction.)